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11 December 2007 @ 08:37 pm
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Hey everyone!

I am trying to get my Eric's Trip-collection as perfect as possible, but I am lacking some info and can't seem to find any help from the internet pages.

Would anyone happen to have a track list of the "Caterpillars"-cassette from the 1991?
And picture of it would be amazing :)

I have 6 songs from it on my computer, but It seems like there should be at least 7 songs....
It looks like I am missing third song.

What I have so far:

*Eric's Trip -album (1991)
*Belong 7" (1992)
*Wam Girl -album (1992)
*John Peel Sessions (1992)
* Songs About Chris -ep (1993)
Julie And The Porthole To Dementia 7" (1993)
*Wam Girl -7" (1993)
*Opening Song / Float -ep (1993)
*Peter -MLP (1993)
*Love Tara -album (1993)
*The Gordon Street Haunting -ep (1994)
* Forever Again -album (1994)
*Live (Afternoon Show) (1995-05-21)
*Purple Blue -album (1996)
* Long Days Ride TilL Tomorrow (1997)
*Eric's Trip Show -live (2001)

Am I missing something????

Would anyone happen to have
these and maybe possibility to make a copy for me...
*The Road South -ep


Mirkka :)

.: brainz esplodeomega85 on December 12th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, I'm looking for more information on the same! :( Good luck with it, though, and I'll let you know if I find anything. :)

The collection you have so far, do you have it all on your computer? If so, I would be most appreciative if you could upload it! I've only got a few cds so far; I ordered some Julie Doiron cds earlier tonight, though, so when I get them I'll be sure to upload them for you if you like.
foggy eyesxmirkkax on December 12th, 2007 01:48 pm (UTC)
Yes, my Soulseek name is xlahnax

There I also have

*Moon Socket - Moon Socket -cassette (1993)
*Moon Socket - Accept Fear -7" (1995)
*VA - "Little Darla Vol. 2" Moon Socket : In A Void/Drugged Up Love
*VA - "All Their Broken Hearts - A Paper Heart tribute to Julie Doiron" Moon Socket : The Best Thing For Me
*VA - "Fact 14: U.F.O.logy" Moon Socket : Feeling Around
*VA - "Homemade Hits, Vol.2" Moon Socket : Never Knew The Secret
*OST - "La Femme Nikita" Moon Socket : Expressions Of Loneliness

*Five songs from the Moon Socket - The Best Thing -album (1995)
5 Somebody Else's Love
6 Fix My Mind
7 Brand New Friend
8 Bad Time To Care
9 Secondary Pleasure
10 Love Story
11 I Want To Now
12 Almost Spring
13 Accept Fear
14 Swing

*Seven songs from the Moon Socket - Moon Socket - album (1995)
6 Comfort In
7 Sleep Tonight
8 Bolder (Music By - Lou Barlow)
9 Fuzzy Inside
10 Highde
11 Swing
12 Triangles
14 Another Head
15 What If The Sun Blew Up
16 The Secret She Had To Keep
17 Head Begins To Real
18 Comin' Home
19 Alone & Annoyed

* 6 Songs from Moon Socket - Feeling around -ep (1995)
A2 More To Say
A3 Get Far

*The Uninteded - The Unintended (2004)
*Rick White - Rick White Album (2005)
*Orange Glass - Protography (1996)
*VA - "All Their Broken Hearts - A Paper Heart tribute to Julie Doiron"
Orange Glass- Five
*Orange Glass - Underwater Underground (2001)
*Elevator - The Such OST (1998)
I Wonder did this movie about Elevator ever came out???
*Elevator To Hell - Onwards & Away 7" (1997)
*Elevator To Hell - Parts 4 & 5 (1997)
*Elevator - Live (Granville Hall Halifax 02.08.1997) (1997)
*Elevator - A Taste Of Complete Perspective (2000)
*Elevator - Early Band Recordings - February 1995 - June 1997 (2001)
*Elevator - Lost During Headquake (2001)
*Elevator - Darkness > Light (2002)
*Elevator - Live - 2002.05.31 Paramount Lounge, Moncton (2002)
*Elevator - August (2004)
*Elevator - Live at the Fuzzfest (????) could be 1995?
*Julie Doiron - Heart and Crime (2001)
*Julie Doiron - Broken Girl (2003)
*Julie Doiron - Goodnight Nobody (2004)

Feel free to take anything :)

.omega85 on December 12th, 2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
thanks :)
iwilldeny on January 17th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
There's an Eric's Trip bootleg, just titled Bootleg that they were selling on their last tour, I picked up a copy of that.

I got the Road South EP pretty recently, I think it was recently re-issued by Sonic Unyon. It's numbered out of 1000 copies, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Do you have any Purple Knight stuff? It's Mark Gaudet's band that he's I guess had off and on for the past 30+ years. There's a bunch of stuff, but it may be hard to track down. I picked up two 45's on the last tour.

A few compliations to look out for are Naked In The Marsh 10" (feat. Eric's Trip & Purple Knight), Nevermind the Mollusks, and More of Our Stupid Noise (this was actually the compilation that introduced me to Eric's Trip, Elevator, etc.)